Swing Gates

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Swing Gates


The Swing Gates are designed to act like a door, opening away from the user. Yet creates a sense of welcome for pedestrians.It offers important and essential features, like:

  • Excellent safety;
  • High throughput;
  • Stylish & Modern 'transparent' appearance

This is accomplished by our standard manufacturing policy; using an efficient Servo Motor mechanism to drive the barrier gates.

It is Bi-directional and opens away from the pedestrian to allow easy access.

Entry Control


Available in multiple modes of entry control and functionalities; customised to your needs:

  • Using cards and card readers, linked to most brands of Access Control Solutions.
  • Remote Control at the reception or security centre.
  • Handheld Wireless Remote Control.
  • Power failure emergency exit (programmable for fail-safe or fail-secure).
  • Fire alarm emergency exit (programmable for fail-safe or fail-secure).
  • Population count.
  • And more...

Site Compatibility

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