Tripod Lite

  • Flap Barrier
  • Entry Control
  • Site Compatibility

Tripod Turnstile


The Tripod Lite is the wall-mounted variant of the Turnstile, offering a highly compact, affordable space saving solution for you.

It is designed to incorporate security features of the Tripod Series in one small but highly capable unit, capable of withstanding abuse of mass transit systems and rugged environments.

It is bi-directional and is fitted with fast servo motor mechanism for automatic motorised operation.

Features of particular mention (but not limited to):

  • Built for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Potential for excellent Traffic Throughput in free access mode
  • Rapid Servo Motor Automatic Revolving Arm
  • Electromagnetic Locking Mechanism
  • Choice of Powder-coated, Polished stainless steel and Brush stainless steel enclosure

This is accomplished by our standard manufacturing policy; using an efficient Servo Motor mechanism to drive the barrier arms.

Entry Control


Mode of Operation


In the event of power failure or emergency, barrier arms will drop, allowing free passage. The arms return to normal restraining position when power resumes.

Optional Items Available


The rugged design makes it highly compatible with construction sites and plants where minimal maintenance is a concern, along with great traffic flow.

  • Remote Control Unit
  • Remote Wireless Control Unit
  • Backup Battery 12V, 7Ah

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