Full Height Turnstile

Airlock Security

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Full Height Turnstile


The Full Height Turnstile offers a peace of mind as a 100% reliable entrance control solution.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with an affordable budget and minimal maintenance cost in consideration.

Being a full fledged physical barrier, it features an additional airlock function where it offers:

  • dual-layered security
  • two stage verification process
  • ensures only one person is passing at a time.

It offers important and essential features, like:

  • Excellent safety
  • High throughput
  • Choice of Material Finishing

This is accomplished by our standard manufacturing policy; using an efficient Servo Motor mechanism to drive the barrier arms.

is Bi-directional and rotates away from the pedestrian to allow guided access at the pedestrian's movement pace.

Entry Control


Mode of Operation


In CLOSE position, the Electromagetic Locking device prevent the rotor gear from rotating. This keeps the full height turnstile in a close position, preventing unauthorized access. When power goes OFF, both directions are also locked, preventing intrusion for security reasons.

Site Compatibility


Its full physical barrier makes it the primary choice at high security areas and could withstand the abuse of mass traffic flow.

This model has been widely used in nuclear power plants, universities and colleges, research & manufacturing facilities, business centres, checkpoints and more..

Optional Items Available

  • 12V, 7Ah Backup Battery (12 for at least 2 hours of normal operations support during Mains AC Failure)
  • Manual Unlock (when no power)
  • Remote Control unit
  • Protective Canopy
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